My name is…

My name is Sarah Carlisle. I don’t know who I am or why I am here. I am mental illness, I am trapped, I am barely breathing. My name is Sarah Carlisle. Sarah Carlisle means unworthy, unloveable, unfit, unwell. Sarah Carlisle is defined by within, the demons that unwittingly eat away at all that Sarah … More My name is…


Implosion. A simple word to describe something collapsing into itself. In many ways mental illness is a type of implosion. Whether the pressure comes internally, externally, or a mixture of both, the feeling of eroding from the inside out is inescapable. When this feeling stabilises for a while, you can start to feel like a … More Imploding


In a world of pain and suffering, why wouldn’t we all be obsessed with the illusion of bliss and freedom? Initially I saw happiness as an unattainable luxury, a state that keeps us naively alive with the promise of a better world that will never exist. While it is true that moments of happiness in … More Happiness


Last year I decided to start drawing and this led to me attending a couple of watercolour classes (which is A LOT harder than it looks and  have a long way to go). Here are some of the first items that I painted during these classes:


Wind whispers to me, Telling me all I should see, The sky, the trees, the beautiful sun, Streaming down the barrel of my gun. “Life,” it says “life is out there.” But I am trapped, my soul laid bare. “Pick me up!” I scream and choke, It says “I’ve heard this from other folk,” “My … More Whisper