Pull me deeper, deeper


One more inch and I can’t breathe,

One more inch and I’m free,

Slowly I feel my final air

start to escape,

as my lungs scream,

as my lungs gasp,

I fight all worldly urges

and remember…

up, up, up

I struggle downwards

I fight with all the strength I have


I scorn whoever is dragging me back.

Back to the world from which

I long to flee.

I am trapped.

I am desparate.

I am me.


My Sun

One second and I’m falling,

down, deeper, deeper

I feel the world slip away,

speedy, steeper, steeper,

Inches from the ground,

with memories I’ve found,

I hear a voice

that makes my choice,

I’m lifted up and up,

away, away

from the dark and pain.

I’m in your arms now and my soul awakes

I feel alive again.

I smile and forget…

You are the sun that

nurtures my life.

You are the reason

why I cling to the light.

My heart is full now I’m

learning who I am

– I’ll love you with everything

for as long as I can



Recently I have decided to start drawing, something that I haven’t done since I was a kid. As a kid I never thought I was good enough at drawing or art, so I stopped even though I loved it. This is  a quick watercolour I did of my best friend, Chloe, as a dragon. I tried to capture her loving, playful, inspiring yet strong spirit in this sketch.


5 Things To Be Grateful for 21/7/15

1. Friendship

Best friend hugs, marathon Skypes, random visits, those moments where we can just be silent with each other. Friendship is a love unlike any other and my true friends mean the world to me.

2. Music

Music is an expression of human interaction, human suffering and above all the human soul. Without music I wouldn’t know how to be. It helps us to feel, connect and to understand.

3. Words

Although they don’t always seem to be enough, I am grateful that I am able to express myself  in a variety of languages.

4. Lindt Dark Chocolate

On a lighter note, who can’t help but appreciate the small things in life like a favourite food, taste or smell. It is nice to be able to enjoy these small luxuries in life.

5. Love

I am thankful that I am able to love and to be loved. During the dark times and the hard times, when love may seem scarce, it always seems to shine through just when we need reminding that we are not alone