Last year I decided to start drawing and this led to me attending a couple of watercolour classes (which is A LOT harder than it looks and  have a long way to go). Here are some of the first items that I painted during these classes:



Depression appears human and comforting but is an empty shell. Through its mask of deception and darkness all that once had meaning begins to stop making sense. Depression plunges its victims deep into dark clouds, and its tendrils keep them captive when they try to escape.

I’m still OK

Under my skin I feel it crawl,

Out of the light I see it all,

into the dark you let me fall

and I’m away…

Beneath the shadow I am in,

Back to the place where I begin,

Down where the days are filled with sin,

I’m still OK

And the nights outlive the day,

Out where the demons come to prey,

Prey on the fact I’m still OK

just losing my way, yeah

Take me out of this living hell,

where you can’t hear me as I yell,

I find it hard to trust myself

when you’re away… But I’m still OK.

Yes, I’m still OK.



Recently I have decided to start drawing, something that I haven’t done since I was a kid. As a kid I never thought I was good enough at drawing or art, so I stopped even though I loved it. This is  a quick watercolour I did of my best friend, Chloe, as a dragon. I tried to capture her loving, playful, inspiring yet strong spirit in this sketch.