We cannot see the light but when we are emerging from the eternal darkness. Challenging times reveal true love more than any other. To have never felt pain and suffering is to never have felt true happiness and relief or true love and friendship. While the darker aspects of human nature often prevail, humans will … More Emerging


Last year I decided to start drawing and this led to me attending a couple of watercolour classes (which is A LOT harder than it looks and  have a long way to go). Here are some of the first items that I painted during these classes:


Wind whispers to me, Telling me all I should see, The sky, the trees, the beautiful sun, Streaming down the barrel of my gun. “Life,” it says “life is out there.” But I am trapped, my soul laid bare. “Pick me up!” I scream and choke, It says “I’ve heard this from other folk,” “My … More Whisper