The media loves coming out and saying “magazines with skinny models cause eating disorders” as if people are so shallow and easily manipulated to suffer that much for a simple picture. I hate how the media refuses to portray the ugly side of mental illness. It is OK with the “I had post natal depression for a while, then drank some tea and got better” but it really struggles to portray the not so glamorous truth. There is nothing glamorous about any mental illness- nothing glamorous about destroying yourself, pushing away from everyone who cares about you, losing the will to do anything- to even get out of bed and to stay alive. I wish people could understand that yes everyone has anxiety and fears but not every person is crippled by it. Yes everyone is down sometimes, but it doesn’t feel as if they are drowning and can no longer see the light. Yes everyone probably doubts themselves, it doesn’t mean they have the constant inner criticism setting harmful rules and impossible standards for them.