Moving Forward

Moving Forward

With her shallow smile she hides,

The darkness she cannot show,

For in her heart a monster abides,

That she wishes no other to know.

She tries to run, escape the beast,

The beast that holds her heart,

Hoping one day she’ll be released,

But loneliness stops her start.

One day a light comes in her life,

A flicker, though it seems,

And after all her pain and strife,

The hope plays on her dreams.

When she sees his gleaming smile,

She finds she can be strong,

She stands up to fight a while,

To discover her own heart’s song.

Slowly but surely her laugh is filled,

With feelings she knows are true.

Happiness and freedom are instilled,

By a face that she turns to.

She takes comfort in his eyes,

Her cares do fall behind,

He removes her safe disguise,

With a goodness he helps her find.

She will never feel alone,

Lying in his hold,

She will find a light unknown,

And her darkness will grow old.


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