Is it in a look, a smile, a touch, that I love you so much that I cannot count the ways? Is it in the darkness, when I search and meet your eyes, that you see through the lies, that my lips may say? Is it in your arms, that keep out all fear, that … More Love

Drag Me Away

Pull me deeper, deeper Deeper One more inch and I can’t breathe, One more inch and I’m free. Slowly I feel my final air Start to escape, As my lungs scream As my lungs gasp. I fight all worldly urges And remember… Up, up, up I struggle downwards. I fight with all the strength I … More Drag Me Away

The Fight

Some days I don’t feel like I can keep fighting. My body has given up on my mind and everything that I am or ever was no longer matters. Soon enough I’m bargaining with the darkness, yet no way out seems sufficient to clear away the clouds. Why do I carry on with this fight? … More The Fight


Fear I cut trough the silence Like a knife Smooth and precise. I leave no trace That I was ever there. People soon forget- They learn to trust The dark… But I was always lurking, Waiting To strike. I am the dark and I am not afraid.

5 Things to do to treat yourself rather than hurt yourself

For the past few months I have been studying DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) in a weekly group. One of the skills I have learned is known as “opposite to emotion action” or in simple terms, act in a way opposite to what you feel with the hope of feeling better for it. This technique can … More 5 Things to do to treat yourself rather than hurt yourself

Moving Forward

Moving Forward With her shallow smile she hides, The darkness she cannot show, For in her heart a monster abides, That she wishes no other to know. She tries to run, escape the beast, The beast that holds her heart, Hoping one day she’ll be released, But loneliness stops her start. One day a light … More Moving Forward


Grip Rip me, bleed me, tear me whole, Rip me, bleed me, take my soul. Running, hiding, can’t be free, It’s way too hard to hide from me. My body is a prison, my hands are my tools, Eating, indulging- the games of fools. One day soon you’ll make me strong, Become so perfect that … More Grip