I’m still OK

Under my skin I feel it crawl, Out of the light I see it all, into the dark you let me fall and I’m away… Beneath the shadow I am in, Back to the place where I begin, Down where the days are filled with sin, I’m still OK And the nights outlive the day, … More I’m still OK

Vegan Nutella

This vegan Nutella recipe from Ella Woodward’s blog/ cookbook is divine. Brought to us by Deliciously Ella. deliciouslyella.com 375g hazelnuts 150ml maple syrup 3 tablespoons raw cacao powder 150ml water – cook hazelnuts at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes – allow to cool then blend in food processor for 10 minutes – gradually add cacao … More Vegan Nutella


Sometimes it latches onto my soul and slow-growing like wildflowers fills my life with beauty. Other times it knocks me down, a dizzy rush I cannot control. I look to you to steady me. Then the world stops. You hold me, I can’t help but smile. Your eyes fill the empty chambers of my heart. … More Safe


Pull me deeper, deeper deeper One more inch and I can’t breathe, One more inch and I’m free, Slowly I feel my final air start to escape, as my lungs scream, as my lungs gasp, I fight all worldly urges and remember… up, up, up I struggle downwards I fight with all the strength I … More Struggle

My Sun

One second and I’m falling, down, deeper, deeper I feel the world slip away, speedy, steeper, steeper, Inches from the ground, with memories I’ve found, I hear a voice that makes my choice, I’m lifted up and up, away, away from the dark and pain. I’m in your arms now and my soul awakes I … More My Sun


Recently I have decided to start drawing, something that I haven’t done since I was a kid. As a kid I never thought I was good enough at drawing or art, so I stopped even though I loved it. This is  a quick watercolour I did of my best friend, Chloe, as a dragon. I … More Dragons