5 Things to be Grateful For 26/7/15

1. The sunshine

I love the rain but there is nothing quite like the gentle warmth of the sun coming to greet you on your journey.

2. My voice

I was once told by someone that I don’t have a voice, which hurt me more than I should have let it. We all have our own voices and stories to tell- each and every one as important as the next. I hope to travel the world and help people who are oppressed discover voices of their own. I have only just realised that to expect others to value their voice I have to, to some extent, value my own.

3. Family

By this I do not mean simply biological families. We all have our own special families in different communities and in the people we love the most, whether they are related to us or not.

4. Tea

I have become a bit of a self-labelled tea addict and I am not afraid to say it. Nothing is nicer than warming yourself up inside out on a cold winters day… Or summer… Or autumn… Or spring…

5. Nature

For all the flaws of this world it is possible to find beauty in each and every day. Often nature is the easiest way to do this.


I’m still OK

Under my skin I feel it crawl,

Out of the light I see it all,

into the dark you let me fall

and I’m away…

Beneath the shadow I am in,

Back to the place where I begin,

Down where the days are filled with sin,

I’m still OK

And the nights outlive the day,

Out where the demons come to prey,

Prey on the fact I’m still OK

just losing my way, yeah

Take me out of this living hell,

where you can’t hear me as I yell,

I find it hard to trust myself

when you’re away… But I’m still OK.

Yes, I’m still OK.

Vegan Nutella

This vegan Nutella recipe from Ella Woodward’s blog/ cookbook is divine. Brought to us by Deliciously Ella. deliciouslyella.com

375g hazelnuts

150ml maple syrup

3 tablespoons raw cacao powder

150ml water

– cook hazelnuts at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes

– allow to cool then blend in food processor for 10 minutes

– gradually add cacao and maple syrup

– allow these to combine before gradually adding water

I stored mine in an empty coconut oil jar but it is up to you how you do it. This recipe is delicious and infinitely more healthy and nourishing than Nutella and suitable for vegetarians (like me) or vegans.

I give this recipe 5 stars- it is quick, easy and will go far.



Sometimes it latches onto my soul

and slow-growing like wildflowers

fills my life with beauty.

Other times it knocks me down,

a dizzy rush I cannot control.

I look to you to steady me.

Then the world stops.

You hold me, I can’t help but smile.

Your eyes fill the empty chambers

of my heart.

The warmth takes over with your

every touch.

I’m safe, I’m alive, I’m loved.


Pull me deeper, deeper


One more inch and I can’t breathe,

One more inch and I’m free,

Slowly I feel my final air

start to escape,

as my lungs scream,

as my lungs gasp,

I fight all worldly urges

and remember…

up, up, up

I struggle downwards

I fight with all the strength I have


I scorn whoever is dragging me back.

Back to the world from which

I long to flee.

I am trapped.

I am desparate.

I am me.

My Sun

One second and I’m falling,

down, deeper, deeper

I feel the world slip away,

speedy, steeper, steeper,

Inches from the ground,

with memories I’ve found,

I hear a voice

that makes my choice,

I’m lifted up and up,

away, away

from the dark and pain.

I’m in your arms now and my soul awakes

I feel alive again.

I smile and forget…

You are the sun that

nurtures my life.

You are the reason

why I cling to the light.

My heart is full now I’m

learning who I am

– I’ll love you with everything

for as long as I can



Recently I have decided to start drawing, something that I haven’t done since I was a kid. As a kid I never thought I was good enough at drawing or art, so I stopped even though I loved it. This is  a quick watercolour I did of my best friend, Chloe, as a dragon. I tried to capture her loving, playful, inspiring yet strong spirit in this sketch.